3D Printer

“Model UP”  3D-printer for ABS and support

The clever 3D Print software that comes with your 3D Printer does the hardest job of all. No matter how complex your 3D model is, the visual printer software driver will work out where it needs to support the model during printing. Then the 3D Printer prints the support material in a lower density at the same time as printing the part. That’s smart stuff! Once the model has been printed, you simply just break away the support material. So no need to worry if your part or model will print. Since it is all automatic, all you need to do is click ‘Print’. The UP Plus 3D printer and software will analyse your design, see where support will be required and then build it all for you. No worries! Just an easy to use 3D printer.

“Model Felix”  for printing PLA and bio-rubber

The bio-rubber offers various levels of elastomer characteristics: Shore scale A hardness, elongation at break, tear resistance and tensile strength that make it suitable for a range of applications requiring non-slip or soft surfaces on consumer electronics, medical devices and automotive interiors.

-    Flexibly of 3D Printed Black Rubber Material
-    3D Printed Automotive Lock Remote in Rigid and Rubber 3D Printing Materials
-    Mixed Tray of 3D Printed Razor Prototypes in Various Rigid and Rubber Materials

“Model Shapercube” for printing ceramic and silver clay

Shapercube 3d printer for ceramics not only harnesses the potential of new technology and materials but also projects the past history of specific techniques into the future. The printer has a great resonance with the way traditional potters handled clay, however because of its ability to produce such fine layers, new forms are possible.