Retail Management

RE200 - Retail Management & Systems

Featuring both lessons and an analytical project based onlocal jewellery businesses, this course gives students theopportunity to gain an understanding of the real-lifechallenges of managing a retail environment. The day-todayissues of retail store management are covered,including staffing, security and customer handling.Effective front-line business administration is explained,including management software, point of sales practicesand ways to measure everything from inventory levels tocustomer satisfaction.

Course Details

As a critical component of any business that deals withconsumers, the front line poses a unique set of challenges.Students consider first principles in designing store layouts andplanning staff rosters, design systems to maintain quality andperformance and seek out local examples of best and worstpractices for class discussion.

Jewellery Entrepreneurship

EP200 - Jewellery Entrepreneurship

Although entrepreneurship has a reputation for requiring unconventional thinking, there are many established strategies, best practices and techniques that contribute to a jewellery entrepreneur's success. Based on industry experience, these lessons allow start-ups to minimize their learning curve and follow the most efficient routes to success.

Course Details

Students learn the importance of planning to the success of their business goals. As part of the course, students produce detailed business plans for a new venture to fully understand concepts such as type of business, location, store design, customer demographics and pricing. The bureaucratic mechanisms for operating a new venture are discussed together with common options for start-up financing and the importance of staged growth. Specific examples make use of  Trinidad & Tobago laws and regulations, but international variations are highlighted.


EP200 - Jewellery Entrepreneurship

EP200 - Jewellery Entrepreneurship

Lessons in this course of study include:

  • EP201 The challenges of entrepreneurship - what to expect
  • EP202 Business planning for investment and success
  • EP203 Registering names, trademarks, companies and more
  • EP204 Defining business image, culture and communications
  • EP205 Developing and maintaining brand on a budget
  • EP206 Sourcing and working with suppliers
  • EP207 Jewellery trade fairs & effective buying strategies
  • EP208 Evaluating sales avenues and opportunities
  • EP209 Special considerations for larger clients
  • EP210 Effective low-cost customer acquisition methods
  • EP211 Accounting, finance and regulatory responsibilities
  • EP212 Self assessment methods and evaluating progress

Course Duration:

34 hours

Course Fees:

US$ 1,700

Instructor: Frank Wuenstel