JD2: Illustration, Rendering, Display

JD150XP - Jewellery Design II

Traditional Jewellery Design

A strong foundation in jewellery design is the basis for many jewellery career paths. Working on paper allows for refinements and prevents costly errors and miscommunication. A good sketch can close a sale; effective renderings reveal the designer's spirit and build excitement for the design; accurate technical drafts communicate fabrication requirements to any jeweller. Together with a focus on practical, beautiful and comfortable design, these skills ensure competence and understanding in this most creative and limitless field.

Participants in this course learn, from first principles, the fundamentals of jewellery design. No prior design or art experience is required and students will complete a full portfolio of designs by the conclusion of their training and leave with a clear understanding of how to design beautiful jewellery that is durable, saleable & suitable for manufacture.


JD150XP - Jewellery Design II

JD150XP - Jewellery Design II

Illustration, Rendering, Presentation

Accurate drawings are often not enough to convey the beauty and mystique of a design to a customer or client. Learn professional shading techniques to create depth in monochromatic designs, and full-colour rendering methods to produce spectacular, life-like illustrations. Gain the confidence to guide and design to customer specifications while they watch your ideas come to life.

Visual Impact with Shading
Participants learn how to create visual impact with the use of properly rendered dimensions and specific light source direction. Rendering metals, opaque gems such as pearls, onyx, lapis lazuli and transparent and translucent materials including ruby, emerald, sapphire and more.

Visual Impact with Colour
How to render with colour quickly and effectively, in relation to metals, findings and opaque gems. Transparent and translucent gemstones and melee are practiced and mastered to professional standard.

Perspective Views
The fast drawing techniques of two point and three point perspective techniques are introduced, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Using fast perspective views to achieve visual impact in counter sketching scenarios is practiced.

Layout and Presentation
Portfolios and exhibitions bring the inner world of the jewellery designer to the real world of manufacturers, customers and jewellery competitions. The class is full of tips, examples and suggestions to make your presentation the best it can be.

Students completing these courses will have produced a comprehensive portfolio of jewellery design work.

Course Duration:

40 hours
(7 weeks, 1 day/week or 14 weeks, 1 half-day/week)

Course Fees:

US$ 2,000

Instructor: Dorothee Wuenstel