FJ2: Prof. Techniques, Efficiency

FJ200XP - Fashion Jewellery II

Fashion Jewellery Arts

Thread and wire fashion jewellery techniques offer jewellery makers an extremely wide variety of durable and beautiful techniques for the creation of fine jewellery. This programme begins by covering materials and tools and then quickly allows for students to begin planning and creating necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

Professional thread and wire techniques have long been used to create a broad range of jewellery by fine jewellers; high value cultured pearls, for example are assembled using specially developed traditional techniques and materials. In today’s burgeoning market for fashion jewellery many of these established techniques have been supplanted by craft methods used for temporary designs or costume jewellery.

The " Academy of Jewelry & Art " prides itself in providing established skills, expert advice on production, speed, quality and comprehensive information about material choices and qualities to ensure its designers produce superior, lasting jewellery regardless of the value of the component materials designers choose.


FJ200xp: Fashion Jewellery II

FJ200xp: Fashion Jewellery II

Professional Techniques, Efficiency

Going beyond the basics, your next level of training in fashion jewellery techniques focusses on efficiency and accuracy; ensuring your designs maintain professional standards worthy of premium pricing and that you use your time and materials effectively.

Advanced Wirework techniques and combinations extend your creative possibilities. Start incorporating chain into wirework designs to create elegantly long or fashionably short necklaces with quality production and speed. Efficient use of gold and silver chain ensures designs remain cost-effective. Another wirework style that will impress even the most discerning clients involves creating grouping patterns connected with wire. Planning and efficiency are emphasized to keep labour costs manageable.

Use Jigs for Accurate Repeatable Wire Parts. Learn how to use wire jigs to make precise wire shapes that can be used as bacelet parts, clasps, earring hooks and more. Experiment with Celtic, Egyptian, Aztec and modern geometric patterns.

Advanced knotting designs help you understand how to best combine very different materials, when it is suitable to perform partial knotting, and how to produce long, elegant opera- and satoir-length necklaces with imperceptible joins.

Wire wrapping techniques can accent or cage unusual materials in soft wire to create distinctive design opportunities. Secure wrapping techniques for pieces with and without holes allow creative expression using many unique objects. Innovative finishing variations add to the singularity of these designs.

Advanced Weaving techniques extend existing flat and fancy designs by producing fast and more challenging three dimensional creations. These can be used not only for jewellery, but fashion accessories for handbags, cell phones & much more.

Course Duration:

40 hours
(7 weeks, 1 day/week or 14 weeks, 1 half-day/week)

Course Fees:

US$ 2,300

Instructor: Frank Wuenstel