Academic Leadership

Academic Leadership

The " Academy of Jewelry & Art " is a leader in the jewellery arts education Arena, providing an extensive curriculum which covers the widest scope. In order to maintain and improve this standing, the quality of our academics is of utmost importance; as such, the AJA has a specialized management unit devoted to academic issues, the Academic Board.

The academic board consists of individuals with interest and expertise in the matters of academic governance of the AJA. Frank Wuenstel, as principal, will be responsible for convening and working with this board to address matters related to curriculum development, student and teacher performance and educational effectiveness. This board includes:

Frank Wuenstel
Principal / CEO,

Farnk Wuenstel, Principal of the AJA, will provide guidance, by way of her 16 years of experience in the field of  Jewellery & Arts, continued support in curriculum development and will oversee the quality of instruction. Frank’s public and professional reputation in Trinidad & Tobago, and throughout the Jewellery Industry, together with his extensive network of contacts within the jewellery education, retail and wholesale industries will provide an invaluable support to the AJA and its students.

Dorothee Wuenstel

Senior Instructor Art Clay Silver, Artist