PM1: Creative Silver Modelling

MC100XP - Precious Metals I

Precious Metals: Powder Metallurgy

Precious metals powder metallurgy has revolutionized the jewellery-making process. Called ‘metal clays’ these powdered metal mixtures are initially as soft as clay. After they are fired, however, they become metal such as Pure Silver, 22k Gold, Bronze and Copper. The speed and creative options presented by metal clays have captivated a large international following of both jewellery artists and industry professionals. " Academy of Jewelry & Art " maintains an excellent relationship with the manufacturers of these amazing products and exclusively offers its students the most up-to-date techniques regarding their use.

Metal Clay use is both an art and a science, allowing students to focus on creative expression instead of outdated techniques or expensive tools. Students are given instruction and then, with expert advice and guidance, immediately begin to design and create pure silver pieces that incorporate multiple techniques and unique design possibilities...