What we do

The mini FabLab explores affordable desk-top fabbing machines.
The focus is on their potential for home, artists, smaller schools, libraries and even mobile.
We look at their possibilities, limitations and ease of use.

Of course they are no match at all for the MIT standard fablab machines, but for a more modest ambition they can be quite useful. Programming tools for electronics are omitted at as they do not scale.

And we help people setting up a fablab.

The mini FabLab originated when at PROTOSPACE we noticed that most people wanted to use the lasercutter. There is always a queue on front of the Epilog.
We also noticed that most folks do not want "to make almost anything" (MIT's adagium), but want to make almost any small thing.
So we looked for additional capacity by small laser cutters and that was the start of the mini FabLab as a makerspace.